Key Benefits

Key Benefits to using

Functional Convenience

  • Management of pre-qualification of vendors, tender invitations, payment processing, tender evaluations & contract awards.
  • Allows for e-commerce / online payments since it uses tried and tested gateways including PayPal and Credit Cards
  • Suppliers can retrieve and upload Tender documents in the comfort of their businesses.
  • Evaluators can evaluate documents anywhere in the world, encouraging evaluators from Group Companies to participate

Vendor Management

  • Evaluation Process to manage Pre-Qualified Vendors; Exposure to overseas Vendors

Tiered Security

  • Secure, encrypted environment -Leverages cryptographic algorithms and protocols to manage both security and confidentiality for all interactions of the Tendering Process
  • All data transmissions are encrypted and time stamped
  • Unique encrypted keys are generated, securing each Tender

Document Retention

  • One Centralized store for all Tender documents including Context (Metadata) Search

Enhanced Communication & Reporting

  • Reporting structure has the ability to rank and tally quotations / bids using intuitive Algorithms.
  • Stakeholders are given status updates throughout the entire process

On the Go!

  • Access eboxTENDERS® Mobile Administration App for decisions ‘On the Go’


  • Complete Audit Trail & Activity Logs (time stamp access details) & Statistical Reports