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  • Pay Per Event Electronic Bidding
  • Reduce your costs through auctions

Maximize Savings through our full-service Reverse Auction platform that delivers real-world solutions at a Fraction of the cost. Save time, strengthen negotiations, and increase competition between suppliers. Our tool was specifically created to bring eAuction capabilities in-house. Offering users a cost effective and on-demand tool that provides all the functionality to run simple or complex weighted events

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What makes us different

Our most advanced Reverse Auction tool with incredible beneļ¬ts and tremendous value

What makes us different What makes us different
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Our Reverse Auction solution is extremely user-friendly, with improved navigation, making it simpler and faster to adopt right 'out of the box'.

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Simple sophistication! eboxTENDERS provides options to run basic to highly complex Reverse Auction events

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Rankings are updated in real time with visual hierarchy and robust reporting capabilities

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Our Reverse Auction platform support evangelists are always available to ensure that your team gets the job done

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All the Features you Need to Host a Perfect Auction

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About eboxTENDERS

eboxTENDERS is your full service partner for maximizing savings. Our Software as a Service [SaaS] platform features a fully automated Reverse Auction solution with end to end Administration for various industry sectors and commercial markets.

With our expertise and state-of-the-art software platform, users secure the best price from only the most qualified vendors.