How eboxTENDERS Works ? (For Quotes)

Buyers planning business related purchases logon to and submit Request for Tenders & Quotations in any of the 100+ product and service categories.

eboxTENDERS attracts "ready-to-purchase" buyers: Through our advertising relationships with the printed media, other business related publications, affiliate websites and tradeshows; Through marketing programs that target small and medium sized businesses and via strategic partnerships with industry associations.

The eTendering & Request for Quotes online questionnaires guide each buyer to determine their specific purchasing needs and buying timeframes. Key information is collected to qualify buyers and to enable prospective suppliers to produce customized sales quotes & tenders. Our dynamic matching system identifies a set of companies in the eboxTENDERS Supplier Network whose offerings meet the buyer’s needs. The lead is immediately sent via email to these matched suppliers after verification of the buyer Each supplier follows up with the buyer directly. Suppliers with effective, responsive sales processes realize impressive close rates and returns on investment from eboxTENDERS leads. Based on the quotations received the customer can then (but is under no obligation to) pursue the list of trusted suppliers and make an informed decision based on the collected prices.