What is eboxTENDERS?


eboxTENDERS is a web-based, collaborative platform that manages interactions throughout the entire Tendering process.

This turnkey solution is intuitive, and provides a radically easy to use dashboard that encompasses the tender lifecycle, including but not limited to user authentication via pre-qualification & registration of vendors, publishing of tender notices & bid documents; management of payment options, time stamping of tender submissions and tender evaluations & contract awards.

This service offers the convenience of 24 hour secured access to authenticated users giving the added flexibility of uploading submissions at any time before the tender is due. Tender queries are also managed within the system, giving bidders real-time access to additional information. Changes such as 'due date extensions' are also dynamic and in real-time, allowing for a more effective and efficient process.

This shift to an electronic environment builds upon our focus of continuous innovation, by leveraging world class technologies to enhance recognized best practices throughout our one click simplicity methodology.

eboxTENDERS has stayed true to its original mission: in our commitment to helping small businesses succeed as expressed in our slogan --- making opportunities matter.


Some of the key benefits derived are expressed below:

Buyer Benefits

Supplier Benefits

Price: The platform encourages competitive pricing from suppliers.

Quality: The platform is used by industry respected suppliers.

Easy to use: The site is intuitive saving both time & money throughout the
procurement process

Manage Tenders: Manage pre-qualification of vendors,tender invitations,
payment processing,  tender evaluations & contract awards.

It's Free: e-Tender.ie is a free service for users posting tenders.

New Clients: Access clients in the advanced stage of the purchasing process

Cost of sale: Efficiently manage clients, quotations and timelines

New Markets: Access clients in new markets segments / demographics

Manage Tenders: Set email notices, download details and plans, contact clients

Free Registration: Register for free, to unlock the relevant opportunities




eboxTENDERS also provides an integrated digital platform for buyers to find suppliers and get multiple quotes for their requirements quickly and easily. eboxTENDERS is the Caribbean's leading lead generation and quote provider and is growing in popularity.

For Buyers

For Suppliers

eboxTENDERS' free online services save buyers time and money on their most important purchases by connecting them to peer-reviewed suppliers that best meet their requirements. Plus, users can access unbiased, expert purchasing information at anytime to make better informed decisions for their businesses.

Suppliers win more business - faster and more cost-efficiently - by filling their sales pipeline with pre-verified leads from eboxTENDERS. Participating suppliers can choose from a range of lead generation and marketing programs that deliver leads for buyers ready to buy, as well as for prospects in earlier stages of their purchasing cycle.

How does eboxTENDERS work?

eboxTENDERS is a website that is available 24x7 and is fully automated. Buyers and suppliers need to register on the website through a simple form that takes a few minutes to fill.

Once suppliers register they can list themselves on eboxTENDERS by filling in details online. These listings will appear almost immediately and buyers on eboxTENDERS will see these in the categories of products and services for which they are registered.

Buyers can register within a simple procedure and post their requirements on eboxTENDERS. These requirements are detailed with information for the suppliers that help them quote accurately. Requirements are sent immediately to registered suppliers by email with contact information of the buyers. These suppliers can then prepare quotes and forward them to the buyers immediately.

Buyers receive multiple quotes from suppliers within hours of posting their requirements, all for Free and with a few minutes spent on the eboxTENDERS website. They now have a wide range of choices to select the right supplier.

As a buyer eboxTENDERS will help you get free quotes from multiple suppliers with only a few minutes of your time. You need to simply select the category within which your requirements for products and services are included, from a list of over 100 categories that eboxTENDERS supports and provide a brief and accurate description of what you would like to buy. With just this little time in filling in these details, you will have multiple quotes in your email within hours from registered suppliers of eboxTENDERS who are interested in supplying to you.

By using eboxTENDERS regularly you stand to gain in many ways. You minimize your time for procurement and purchase. eboxTENDERS finds multiple suppliers who can fulfill your requirements. Free quotes appear in your email within hours. You can now choose from the best suppliers and prices. All of these add up to large savings and convenience in your procurement process. Best of all, all these services are free for you.

What benefits can I get as a supplier from eboxTENDERS?

eboxTENDERS can be invaluable to you in helping you find buyers who need your products and services. Buyers keep posting their requirements on eboxTENDERS and they do this when they need these products and services. By registering on eboxTENDERS you get access to these buyers at the time when they are looking to buy. You receive their contact information and details of products and services that they are interested in. You now need to only send them a quote and contact them and you could be well on your way to doing business with them.

eboxTENDERS can help you find new buyers regularly. You can also gain from the visibility that the eboxTENDERS platform gives you through its listings in the categories of your products and services. You spend a little time in filling in your details on eboxTENDERS and a small annual cost for subscriptions to eboxTENDERS. In return you get year-long visibility for your company, products and services plus regular leads from interested buyers who are looking for the products and services that you offer plus you get to do all this without cost over email and the eboxTENDERS website.

eboxTENDERS also helps you manage your listings and leads through an online interface that is simple and quick to use.


Supplier Benefits

New Clients: Access clients in the advanced stage of the purchasing process

Cost of sale: Efficiently manage clients, quotations and timelines

New Markets: Access clients in new markets segments / demographics

Manage Tenders: Set email notices, download details and plans, contact clients

Free Registration: Register for free, to unlock the relevant opportunities

What do I need to do to be a buyer on eboxTENDERS?

You simply need to visit eboxTENDERS at www.eboxtenders.com and register as a buyer. We ask for minimum information such as your name, name of your business, the city and country that you are located in and your telephone and email for contact. You can choose to fill in more details including the profile of your business, the type of requirements that you have for products and services and more detailed contact information. Submitting these makes you a registered buyer on eboxTENDERS and you will receive an email confirming your registration with a password for secure access.

As a buyer you do not need any make any payments to register on eboxTENDERS. Your email address and password helps you login each time on eboxTENDERS and once you have filled in your details, you do not need to fill them in again.

What do I need to do to be a supplier on eboxTENDERS?

To become a registered supplier on eboxTENDERS you need to fill in a form and provide details of your business such as the name, address, town and country. We also ask you to provide your name, telephone and email for contact. You can do this by going onto to eboxTENDERS at www.eboxtenders.com and filling in a form for registration as a supplier. When you do this you will receive an email with a confirmation of registration and a password for secure access.

Using your email address and this password you can now login into eboxTENDERS at www.eboxtenders.com and access your supplier area. You can now add your listings and subscribe to be a registered supplier in the different categories that you can offer products and services. You can fill in more details about your business for potential buyers to read.

There is a subscription amount payable to eboxTENDERS for this service and this is an annual amount that you can pay online using your credit or debit card.

With this your registration on eboxTENDERS is complete and you can start receiving leads all through the year.


We require buyers and suppliers to be registered on the eboxTENDERS website at www.eboxtenders.com one time with a few essential details. Your email address is used for logging you into the buyer or supplier area and a password is generated during the first registration and this is sent you with a confirmation of registration to your email address. Only a valid email address is required to get registered on eboxTENDERS either as a buyer or a supplier.

During registration we also ask for a few more details about your business and your own name and contact details as these help us communicate the details as part of the leads and supplier listings. We recommend that you fill in as many details as you can about your business and your contact details for best results through eboxTENDERS.

eboxTENDERS has a privacy policy which is available for reading on the eboxTENDERS website and you can be assured of the protection of any data that you supply to eboxTENDERS.

If you have any questions or need any assistance to get registered on eboxTENDERS please give us a call or send us an email.

Selecting a Supplier

When you have submitted your request for a quote on eboxTENDERS your details of requirements and your contact information are immediately sent by us to all the suppliers who we have registered for the category. Suppliers will immediately receive an email that gives them these details and they can now contact you directly.

Suppliers will write to you by email or call you on the telephone number that you have provided to discuss your requirements and to give you a quote. Depending on the number of suppliers who have registered with eboxTENDERS for the category and the specific products and services that you require, you will receive a number of quotes and responses from interested suppliers.

You can now ask suppliers to send you their quotes for your requirements and compare these to get the best supplier and price. eboxTENDERS ensures that you the maximum number of suppliers so that in turn you receive multiple quotes and have greater choice in making your selection. The speed of operation of this process makes it more efficient for you to select the supplier of your choice quickly.

Finding Suppliers

eboxTENDERS has a number of suppliers who are registered for specific categories in which they offer products and services. A listing of these suppliers is available on the eboxTENDERS website at www.eboxtenders.com within each category and sub-category. .

You can also get a list of suppliers for a specific product or service by using the search option provided and typing in the name of the product or service that you are looking for suppliers. This will generate a list of suppliers for this product / service. You can also narrow your list to a specific country or category using the Advance Search option that eboxTENDERS offers.

Another way to find your suppliers is to just request a quote for the products and services that you need. eboxTENDERS will immediately forward your request to suppliers who have registered with us in the category and they will be notified almost immediately. Interested suppliers who can meet your requirements will then contact you and send you their quotes which you can assess and select from.

eboxTENDERS endeavors to give you the maximum choice of suppliers and we send your quote requests to multiple suppliers who are registered with us for the category so that you receive multiple quotes that aid your decision making.

Requesting Quotes

To request a quote you need to go to the specific category that has the products and services that you are requesting a quote for. You can do this by selecting the category and sub-category from the home page and this will bring you to the sub-category that has a list of suppliers. A Request Quote button is provided at the top and bottom of this list that brings up a form with the details needed for the quote.

Depending on the category for which this quote request has been made we have some specific questions that will help communicate your requirements to our registered suppliers more accurately and help them provide you with an appropriate quote. We recommend filling in all these details to enable suppliers to send you a quote immediately.

If you have not already registered, on submitting your request for quote you will be asked to register or login in with your existing details and once this process is complete your request for quote will be forwarded immediately to our registered suppliers for them to send you their quotes.

Suppliers who are notified by eboxTENDERS will also be provided your contact details and will contact you directly either for more details or with a quote. You can then have direct discussions with these suppliers for your requirements.

Once your request for quote with details of your requirement have been submitted on eboxTENDERS, these are immediately forwarded to the registered suppliers for the category. Suppliers will receive almost immediately, an email notifying them about your requirements and with the details that you have provided and your contact information such as name, telephone number and email address.

Suppliers will then get in touch with you directly on the contact details that you have provided and will send you their quotes.

Once you have received quotes from one or more suppliers, you can compare them and evaluate the suppliers and their prices and choose the one that best meets your requirements. eboxTENDERS helps you take a quick decision by forwarding your requirements to multiple suppliers who can supply the products and services that you desire so that you have multiple quotes to evaluate and choose from.


Subscriptions are for suppliers on eboxTENDERS who would like to receive leads from interested buyers. Subscriptions can be for a duration of 1, 2 or 3 years and we have different rates for subscriptions.

Each subscription is valid for a specific category and for the duration ordered and entitles the supplier to receive all leads that come from postings of requests for quotes by interested buyers on the eboxTENDERS website.

To subscribe for a specific category a supplier registration is required and this can be done easily by using the Register option on the eboxTENDERS website at www.eboxtenders.com. Once registered we will send you an email that has a password for secure access to your supplier account. On logging into your supplier account you can add listings and subscriptions for the various categories on eboxTENDERS.

When we have received your submission for the a new subscription or its renewal, you will immediately be taken to a payment page where you can fill in your credit or debit card details for immediate payment and activation of your subscription.

eboxTENDERS will also notify you when your subscription is due for renewal and you can then login to your supplier account and renew on your own.

The list of subscriptions and their details are available for you to access at all times in your eboxTENDERS supplier account that you can login to at any time using your email and the password supplied.


eboxTENDERS accepts all major credit and debit cards. Payments can be made online through the eboxTENDERS website at www.eboxtenders.com. eboxTENDERS accepts payments for all subscriptions from suppliers and payments are requested once a subscription request is submitted by a supplier through the secure supplier account.

To make a payment to eboxTENDERS for a subscription please login to the eboxTENDERS website at www.eboxtenders.com with your email address and password. After logging in please go to the Subscriptions section and add in a new subscription or renew an existing subscription. Once you have filled in the required details and submitted them, you will be taken to a payment page where you can fill in your credit / debit card details for an online payment.

Once you have made your payment, eboxTENDERS will verify and confirm this immediately and your subscription will become active.

eboxTENDERS also accepts checks as a method of payment and you can fill in the details of the check and send the check to the eboxTENDERS address. On receipt and clearing of funds, eboxTENDERS will confirm the receipt of the amount and activate your subscription.